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Listed On 25/02/2019
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Details of 10 Packet Popcorn Bundle By The Kettle Gourmet

Freshly-Baked: We select only the best kernels from around the world before hand-baking them to crisp perfection at our local central kitchen facility, creating the lightest and crunchiest treat that you won’t find anywhere else!

No Trans Fats: We believe that popcorn does not have to be an unhealthy snack. Our popcorn is certified trans-fat free as we only use 100% pure Canola Oil throughout the baking process. Now you can munch with a peace of mind.

Non-GMO: We use only natural corn straight from mother nature herself, free of unnecessary processing. There’s no better flavour than the original.

Quality Ingredients: Our dedicated team sources the globe for the best ingredients so that with each bite of our popcorn, you know what quality tastes like.
We use only natural corn straight from mother nature herself, free of unnecessary processing. There’s no better flavour than the original.

Flavours available:

Chicken Rice Popcorn
The Kettle Gourmet's very own Chicken Rice popcorn, baked with perfection to leave you breathless. Every piece of kernel is baked with the traditional soy sauce and a touch of cucumber and parsley, to bring you the exact taste of a plate of juicy and tender chicken rice. Why not dip it along with the chili sauce while you’re at it? You have to taste it, to believe it!

Salted Caramel Popcorn
Sweet or salty? With our special concoction of salted caramel, you can have the best of both worlds. They say opposites attract and this couldn’t be more true with The Kettle Gourmet’s Salted Caramel popcorn – sweet caramel and savoury salt come together in perfect harmony to create a mouth-watering delicacy that is bound to satisfy everyone!

Cookies and Cream Popcorn
With our exquisite touch of magic, you will defy the odds and find yourself going back for more. The Kettle Gourmet’s very own Cookies & Cream popcorn – a splendid mixture of Oreo cookie bits with a tinge of vanilla, will be everyone’s go to snack whenever and wherever!

Teh Tarik Popcorn
Inspired by one of Singapore’s most iconic beverages, we challenged ourselves to bring the beverage’s creamy, milky, frothy rich tea flavour from cup to kernel. Created with real black tea leaves according to a time-honoured traditional recipe, The Kettle Gourmet’s Teh Tarik popcorn leaves your taste buds tingling with a familiar taste of home.

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10 Packet Popcorn Bundle
Bag size: 10.5 cm x 16 cm


Both nutritious and delicious, we promise to bring you the freshest popcorn with choosing only the most finest ingredients there is everyday. Our gourmet popcorn is ready to tingle your tastebuds with bursting delightful flavours!

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