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Listed On 29/06/2017
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Details of Avengers Deluxe Hulk Costume

Want to dress up your child as the Hulk from the Avengers? This Avengers Deluxe Hulk Costume is for you.

This Avengers Deluxe Hulk Costume features a green-skinned jumpsuit and mask that will transform you from mild-mannered Bruce Banner into a gigantic, raging mass of muscle. For a knockout combination, this dynamic green garb comes with a pair of pliable purple pants that make it easy for a Marvel-ous superhero like you to take on the fearsome forces of Hydra and the Maximoff twins. And although Natasha Romanoff is able to see past your big, mean, fighting machine exterior, the barrier to your budding romance lies in your brooding nature and the belief that you're a monster. Nonetheless, when Ultron launches his attack, be prepared to leave brilliant Dr. Banner behind and get ready to defend the human race with a toothy grimace on your hulking, green face.

Size 3 - 5.

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