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Details of Bee's Cake

“Handcrafted with passion” is what keeps Bee’s Cake customers coming back for more. Everything Bee's Cake bake is made from scratch and comes from the heart.

Besides passion, Bee's Cake strongly believe in the importance of getting the taste and texture of the cakes right, and when tastefully presented would help to bring much joy and laughter to the occasion. 

Gourmet Cakes
Awesome & Simply Delicious

Many times all we want is just to savour a yummy dessert or a simple birthday cake without the added frills and pageantry of a lavish Customised Design Cake, and that is where Bee’s Gourmet Cakes can come in to satisfy your craving or help complete a simple birthday celebration. They are not only nice but simply awesome! 

Designer Cakes
Simply Delightful & Hassle Free

Our Designer Cakes are meant to satisfy our customers’ desire of not having just a cake that tastes good but also having a cake that gives them a whole lot of “Wow!”. It can be considered as an “upgrade” in look to our Gourmet Cakes without the need for further customisation.

Our collection of Designer Cakes are handcrafted to be decorative, delightful, and aesthetically pleasing, and we would not allow for further customisation to our designer cakes other than the simple change of name and age of the birthday person, or simple colour substitution of existing design elements.

Most important of all, our Designer Cakes with its unique design styles (whereby some can even be considered as a works of  art) are meant to take the hassle out of ordering a decorative cake without blowing your budget. 

Customised Cakes
Something Different, Something Unique

If you want something different, or more than our designer cakes, or even where you have a unique idea or design concept, contact us with your requirements together with your name, mobile contact number, event date, serving size and any budget consideration. We shall see how we can help meet your requirements.   

All Customised Design Cakes must be confirmed at least THREE WEEKS prior to your event date and it is still subjected to availability of baking slot at the point of your order confirmation.

Yummy Goodies
Sweet Little Delights 

Many a times we just wanted to have some small bits for occasions like a small gathering with friends or an office meeting or even to complement the dessert offering at birthday parties. And that is where Bee’s Yummy Goodies like our mini tarts, éclair and cupcakes come in. They are an absolute delight which can help to perk up the occasion or even become a conversation piece.

Party Bundles
Making Your Party Complete (DIY Dessert Table)

When the occasion calls for a fair amount of dessert servings and you do not have an idea what to order without blowing your budget on it. And that is where we can come in with our Party Bundles which offer quality dessert choices that are value for money. It is as good as doing up your own dessert table DIY style without the need to spend a bomb on it.  

  • Mini Party Bundle
  • Classic Party Bundle
  • Deluxe Party Bundle
  • Supreme Party Bundle

Gift Ideas
Saying Thank You Or Letting The “World” Know!

When the occasion calls for a gift to show your appreciation, or announce your new arrival, or celebrate your wedding, and you do not have an idea of what to give. And that is where we can come in with our Gift Ideas which offer simple but meaningful gifts that are value for money. 

  • Bee's Signature Carrot Cake Gift Ideas
  • Cake Pops & Cookie Gift Pack
  • Cupcakes Gift Box

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