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Zanna Turns 1 - Sunshine Themed Birthday Party!

Zanna Turns 1 Sunshine Themed Birthday Party kids birthday party singapore

Zanna Turns 1 Sunshine Themed Birthday Party kids birthday party singapore

This article was submitted by Cecilia Lim.


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NSRCC Changi (Venue)"Spacious and reasonable price. Remote location."
Stamford Catering (Buffet)"Food arrived punctually. The presentation was neat and classy."
The Cakerie Club (Cake)"Cake's texture was soft and nice. Delivery included."
Epilogue Photos (Photography)"Even my guests complimented the photographer, Thomas!"


I have 3 wonderful kids: Caspian, Hannah, and the star of this article, Zanna. Their presence filled our home with never-ending laughter and cries. They are not only my children but my teachers too. All in all, they have made my life complete. 

Following our family tradition, we threw Zanna her 1st birthday party. A very bubbly bub, her favourite pastimes are eating and watching ABCkidTV.  She is an adventurous baby who loves to explore her surrounding.

As turning one is a joyous occasion, we decided to share it with our close family. This party took me a month to prepare and execute.


KidiParty: What was the theme of the party?

Cecilia: We wish for Zanna’s life to be filled with laughter and brightness. Hence, we chose the theme – Sunshine. Most of the supplies, such as the balloons. background decorations, tablecloth and paper bags, were DIYed or ordered from Taobao.

Zanna's Sunshine Themed Party Decoration kids birthday party singapore

Why did you choose the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) to hold the party?

We chose the NSRCC at Changi for its atmosphere and spaciousness. It allowed the guests to stay around and mingle. The price for a bungalow unit was also quite reasonable. However, despite having a shutter bus service, the location was pretty remote.

What was the food catering like? Tell us more about the birthday cake too.

We ordered the buffet from Stamford Catering. The food was delicious and the portion was good. Most importantly, the delivery arrived punctually.

The cake was done by a home baker - The Cakerie Club. Its texture was soft and nice. She was able to bake us the ideal cake. The overall cost, including delivery, was reasonable. She even delivered it to me. Since I did not have the time to do a pick-up, this service was greatly appreciated.

There was a BBQ pit just right at the doorstep, so we were able to have some light BBQ food as well. As for the cupcakes, I made them myself.

Stamford Catering Singapore kids birthday party singapore

What kinds of entertainment were provided during the party?

We just brought along our play tent, filled with balls, for the kids. 

Whose service(s) did you employ to capture the moments on that hectic day?

My photographer was Thomas, from Epilogue Photos. I would highly recommend him. Even my guests paid him compliments. He was very patient with the cranky birthday girl. He also made the guest feel comfortable during the photo-taking.

Were there any unforeseeable issues or surprises at the party?

Cranky Zanna was certainly unexpected. We ran out of disposable cutleries too! We ordered two ice-cream cakes from FroRoll to surprise some of the guests, who shared the same birthday month. Unfortunately, the cakes came melting and were overly-sweet.

Surprise cake for guests born in the same month kids birthday party singapore

If you could turn back time, what aspects of the party you wish you could have focused more on?

I would consider getting some entertainment for my guests. Karaoke is the first thing that pops into my mind!

Share some tips you have learned from this experience.

  1. Take into account your guests’ dietary needs.
  2. Be prepared for absenteeism. Usually, I expect attendance to be at 70%.
  3. Be very cautious when ordering from a site like Taobao. Always read the reviews and buy extras as back-up. Some of the balloons in my order were damaged. Thank God, I bought more!

Lastly, would you hold another birthday party in the future, and why?

Definitely! We love to share the joy with our closest ones. 

Zanna with Dad kids birthday party singapore

Zanna with Mum kids birthday party singapore

Zanna turns 1 kids birthday party singaporeStay happy, always, dearest Zanna! 😁

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This article was submitted by Cecilia Lim

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