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Xander Turns 1 - Under The Sea Themed Birthday Party!

Xander Turns 1 Under The Sea Themed Birthday Party kids birthday party singaporeXander Turns 1 Under The Sea Themed Birthday Party SingaporeThis article was submitted by Yvonne Chia


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Yvonne's Vendor Reviews

Glory Catering (Buffet)"Delicious food spread, halal and great for guests with special diets."
NaNa Bake (Cake)"Their cakes are all so pretty!"
Geméllo Sis Bakés (Cake Blossoms)"I have ordered from them thrice!"
Simply Events (Bouncy Castle)"Many styles and good rates. Safety measures could be improved!"
Derek Magic (Magic Show)"A very entertaining magician!"


My husband, Wilson, and I welcomed our son, Xander on 5th May 2017. It has been a joy having him around. Xander is a daredevil, with an inquisitive mind. At times, he can be very cheeky and playful too. He loves to blow kisses and will melt anyone’s heart with his smitten looks. As first-time parents, we have learnt a lot from raising him. Parenthood has been an exciting journey.

I have always enjoyed organising social events and parties. For Xander's one-year-old party, it took me 6 months to plan and execute. I was adamant to throw him an elaborated party because his full-month party did not turn out too well.

All things considered, I am very satisfied with how this party turned out. We had lots of fun playing dressing up and were happy to know that our guests had an awesome time. The kids received shark soft toys too!


KidiParty: What was the theme of the party?

Yvonne: Xander has a special liking for whales and the baby shark song by PINKFONG. When he was 8 weeks old, he surprised us with his water adaptability and manoeuvres. With all signs pointing toward the water, having an under-the-sea theme seemed apropos.

The bulk of the party items, such as the shark soft toys, party costumes, balloons, cupcake toppers, dessert table trays and dessert boxes, were purchased from Taobao. The backdrop banner was bought from a friend.

Xander Under The Sea Themed Birthday Party

Why did you choose Qiren to hold the party?

We chose Qiren because it was free for us! The place was very spacious, with tables, chairs and projectors. There was also a designated area outside the seminar room for our buffet line. We were able to put up a welcome screen at the entrance to the seminar room as well.

The only disadvantage was the location. As it was situated on the far east side of Singapore, it was a little far off for our friends who lived much farther i.e. in the west. 

What was the food catering like? Tell us more about the birthday cake too.

We ordered our buffet lunch from Glory Catering, which specialises in Peranakan food. The food was well-received by our guests. I included additionals like laksa and DIY popiah, onto their standard package. Unfortunately, even with the add-ons, there was not enough food, as we might have underestimated the portions, plus the food was really yummy!

For the cake, I went with NaNa Bake.  It was a 2-tiered cake with a 3D whale. They were very accommodating to my request. The final product turned out amazing and it was palatable for my budget.

To complete the dessert table, I ordered thematic Nutella blossoms from Geméllo Sis Bakés. The designs were nice and not overly sweet. They are able to accommodate to most design ideas and sometimes, even orders with short notice. If you are concerned about the sweet fillings, you can opt for no fillings.

I also purchased Swiss Rolls from Rich & Good Cake, BAKE cheese tarts, Garrett’s popcorns and cream puffs & eclairs from Redmart. For Xander's friends, I brought along a spread of baby-friendly biscuits and food.

Xander Under The Sea Themed Food

What kinds of entertainment were provided during the party?

We had a bouncy castle from Simply Events and a magic show by Derek. Derek Magic was simply amazing and entertaining. 

While the bouncy castle was fun, we had an issue with it. It became an accident hazard when packed with kids. It definitely needs some improved safety measures.

I also prepared a DIYed 18-mins video slideshow capturing Xander's milestones.

Magic show and bouncy castle

Whose service(s) did you employ to capture the moments on that hectic day?

We hired Jerald, my husband's friend, from Tinydot Photography. He specialises only in wedding photography, however, he did us a solid favour and was our photographer for the day. He even sent us the edited pictures within 3 days! The images you see here were taken by him. 

Were there any unforeseeable issues or surprises at the party?

There was not enough food for our guests! Xander also fell asleep right before his cake-cutting. Guests, who need to leave early, did not get to enjoy cake and a photo with the birthday boy.

If you could turn back time, what aspects of the party you wish you could have focused more on?

Despite some hiccups and surprises that are expected at events, this party was perfect in my eyes.

Share some tips you have learned from this experience.

1) Decide on your non-negotiables and set aside your budget. I would say the buffet and some entertainment is the key. Birthday cake should be nice but you need not overspend as there will always be leftovers.

2) A designated photographer is a must. I learned this the hard way during Xander's full-month party.

3) Plan in advance and outsource tasks to others. Sometimes, spending a little money benefits you even more.

4) Party duration should not be longer than 3 hours.

5) Schedule parties when your birthday boy/girl is at their best by avoiding nap times.

6) Prepare takeaway boxes for leftover food.

7) Make sure guests with special dietary needs, e.g. vegetarians, are not neglected. 

8) Always remember to get more helpers for setup and tear down.

Lastly, would you hold another birthday party in the future, and why?

Definitely! It is fun and rewarding to see others enjoying the parties I have organised.

Xander with ParentsXander Under The Sea Themed Birthday PartyXander & DadHope you had a whaley good time, Xander! 😜

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This article was submitted by Yvonne Chia

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