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Vera Turns 1 - Unicorn Themed Birthday Party!

Vera Turns 1 Unicorn Themed Birthday PartyVera Turns 1 Unicorn Themed Birthday PartyThis article was submitted by Carolin Ruan


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Carolin’s Vendor Reviews

Neo Garden Catering (Buffet)"Never disappoints! Punctual, hygienic and worry-free."
Elizabeth Parties (Styling)"Elizabeth used her props and my desserts to create the dream table."
2 Little Aprons (Cake)"Most beautiful and delicious cake I have ever eaten!"


We never imagine ourselves to be parents, let alone of 3 little angels. The main character of this party is our littlest, but the loudest and most mischievous one - Vera. She is blessed with a smile of an angel, the energy of a bunny. She fills our house with a frequent set of frowns and smiles. Every day is exciting and high-tempo ever since she came into our life.

Initially, we wanted a tiny celebration at home with just the 5 of us to avoid the hassle of party planning. However, since Vera will be our final baby, it meant that it was also our last 1st birthday celebration. Hence, we decided to throw her a party instead. We planned and prepared everything within a month.


 KidiParty: What was the theme of the party?

Carolin: It was a unicorn themed party. After years of dreaming for a baby girl, our wish was finally granted. Hence, the theme had to be pastel-coloured and girly. Unicorn has always been my favourite magical character!

Vera's Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

Why did you choose your apartment's function room to hold the party?

Located on level 20 of our apartment block, our Sky Dining function room has stunning panoramic views of the Jurong Business Park, Jurong East Central Shopping area and Jurong Lake.

Naturally, it is the most convenient and cost-efficient venue for us. Its size is also perfect for my party.

What was the food catering like? Tell us more about the birthday cake too.

Neo Garden Catering never fails any of my gathering/ party. I ordered their mini-buffet set and they kindly accepted my request to change some items to make it more kid-friendly.

My unicorn 2-tier vanilla sponge cake comes with fresh cream design and vanilla bean buttercream filling came from Pauline of 2 Little Aprons. It was the most beautiful and delicious cake I have ever eaten!

Elizabeth of Elizabeth Parties on Carousell styled the dessert table. She was very patient and accommodating to all my requests. The sweets on the table were by me. I handmade the mini unicorn doughnuts, rainbow marshmallows, unicorn fur, rainbow cup eggs, rainbow beads, unicorn poo cakes and slices of unicorn bacon.

Vera's Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

What kinds of entertainment were provided during the party?

As we have 9 kids at this party, they definitely must be well-entertained. Keeping the theme in mind, I did my research on various online platforms such as Pinterest, Google and YouTube for ideas.

To save cost, I decided to double as the game master. All the materials were all prepared by me. I hosted four games at the party. We played 'Pin the Unicorn Horn!', 'Longest Unicorn necklace!', 'Shake up the Rainbow!' and 'Unicorn Battle!'. I had guests who borrowed my props just so that they can play the games at their own upcoming party!

Besides unicorn themed games, we had a 'Best Brother in the World' Award Ceremony to commemorate Vera's siblings for being the best brothers and a Zhuazhou (抓周) ritual to forecast her future!

Vera's Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

Whose service(s) did you employ to capture the moments on that hectic day?

I appointed my niece to be the official photographer for this special event because it is free! To be honest, I prefer photographs captured through the eyes of my guests.

Were there any unforeseeable issues or surprises at the party?

During the "Shake up the Rainbow!" game, the Post-it® notes were not sticky enough. The game ended as soon as it started. It was such a let-down!

Grandparents are surprisingly enthusiastic about the "Unicorn battle!" game. My mother actually challenged me for a battle! We came up with various combinations on the spot.

If you could turn back time, what aspects of the party you wish you could have focused more on?

If I started my planning earlier, I could have arranged more activities which involve guests of all ages. 

Share some tips you have learned from this experience.

1) A party does not have to be crowded. A small and cosy party can be just as good.

2) Have a budget.

3) Be more hands-on with the details of the party. Personalisation is always better.

Lastly, would you hold another birthday party in the future, and why?

Yes, I will, only if my kids earned it and when my time/budget allows. Generally, I prefer not to pamper my children by throwing elaborate parties yearly. In the event that my kid is rewarded, for any reason, they will appreciate and treasure the experience more.

Vera Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

Hope you had a magical 1st birthday, Vera! 🦄

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This article was submitted by Carolin Ruan

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