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Tyler Turns 1 - Caterpillar Themed Birthday Party!

Tyler's caterpillar-themed birthday party

Tyler's caterpillar-themed birthday party

This article was submitted by Priscilla Tan


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Priscilla's Vendor Reviews

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (Venue + Food)"Tasty Thai food. Fried Banana and Mango sticky rice are must-try!"
The Cake Shop (Cake)"Wide selection of cakes and they are customizable."
polka.dotty44 (Nutella blossoms)
"Tasty and adorable flavours. A few options to choose from as well."
The Fun Party (Nagomi Art)"The service was fantastic and the activity was very well-coordinated."


We are a family of four, with Tyler being the newest addition to the family. Having two children in the family has definitely added loads of joy, laughter and “noise” to our lives. Tyler turned 1 on 15th October 2018. His determination and fearless-self shine with every step he attempts. We are very proud of him and cannot wait to see him reach his upcoming milestones.

We love a good gathering and nothing brings people together like a birthday celebration. It took me approximately a month to plan and execute Tyler's first birthday.


KidiParty: What was the theme of the party?

Priscilla: As Tyler loves to crawl and his favourite storybook is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, I find "hungry caterpillar" to be a rather appropriate theme. It makes an interesting and unique theme to play with too!

I got my inspiration from Pinterest and the decorations were mostly DIYed. Party supplies and goodie bag items were from TYPO, Daiso and Carousell.

Tyler's caterpillar-themed birthday party

Where did you choose to hold the party?

We held the party at E-Sarn Thai Cuisine. It is a restaurant located at The Grandstand. The Grandstand has free parking and shuttle bus services. The restaurant was able to accommodate our requests and reserved a corner area for our party.

What was the food catering like? Tell us more about the birthday cake too.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine allowed us to customize our menu and prepared it via buffet style. The restaurant serves authentic Northern-Eastern Thai cuisine and is managed by a Thai family. Good food is very important to us and E-Sarn definitely did not disappoint.

I ordered a 10-inch eggless cake from The Cake Shop as my older son is allergic to eggs. It was customized to fit the hungry caterpillar theme. Although the cake was eggless, it was very tasty and the guests were genuinely surprised by this revelation because usually, eggless cakes tend to be denser. The staff was accommodating and very helpful in providing suggestions.

I also ordered 75 pieces of mini Nutella blossoms from polka.dotty44, a Carouseller. Some were given away as gifts and the rest were served as desserts at the party. Again, these were customized. They were very cute and a hit with both kids and adults. The seller even personalized the packaging for us.