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Top 8 Choices to Complete Your Child’s Birthday Party in KidiParty

Wide range of choices for balloons


1. Wide range of choices for balloons

Be it helium, sculptures, balloons tassels streamer, alphabet balloons, number balloons, confetti filled balloons, word printed balloons or balloon in a balloon. KidiParty have it all!

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Booking a Suitable Birthday Party Venue

2. Booking a Suitable Birthday Party Venue

Hiring a venue for your child's birthday party will be one of your first decision when organising a party. There are many choices, but knowing which one suits your child’s birthday party best is important!

KidiParty has listed over 70 venues for you to choose from! Take note of the number of people, theme, location and the things they provide. Check out the top 10 venues that are popular among the parents. 

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Customisable Birthday Cake

3. Customisable Birthday Cake

Customised birthday cakes or 3D cakes have become increasingly popular for children birthday parties. KidiParty has cake sellers who provide quality and tasty cakes.

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Magic Show

4. Magic Show

Children’s world is full of imaginations and wonders. They are always curious with things they’re new with, and things around them. These magicians bring the world of imaginations into reality. Allow your kids and guests to experience the magical world of wonders!

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Bouncy Castle

5. Bouncy Castle

Not all families rented bouncy castle in their birthday parties. However, there are many reasons why you should have one for your child’s birthday party! 
Kids can get bored if they aren’t active. Having bouncy castle can also put parents at ease when they’re eating or chatting with their friends or family. Allowing your children to play in a bouncy castle makes way for other developmental milestones to occur too.

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Customised Dessert Table

6. Customised Dessert Table

A customised dessert table with lots of tasty goodies and snacks will add a special touch to your child’s birthday party.
Think of a theme that you child likes (such as their favourite cartoon), so it will be easy to piece everything together.

Enquire more information on Customised Dessert Table.

Face Painting

7. Face Painting

It’s a fun way to dress up with no costume required. Children love colourful things, and that’s one reason why parties generally showcase a splash of colours. Face painting also allows children to become a character they adore, be it their favourite superhero or a fairy princess.

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Sand Art Workshop

8. Sand Art Workshop

Sand Art has been around for quite some time now. Children can pick their preferred cartoon piece and using coloured sands to colour over the cartoon piece. The final creations are beautiful, and each one is different in its own way. So, embrace your child’s creativity by involving Sand Art in your child's birthday party!

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