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Thad Turns 1 – Winnie the Pooh and Friends Themed Birthday Party!

Thad Turns 1 Winnie the Pooh Themed Birthday PartyThad Turns 1 – Winnie the Pooh Themed Birthday Party!

This article was submitted by Jia Xuan


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We started our family of three with the birth of Thad, our lovely boy, in 2017. He brings lots of joy, happiness and interesting moments to us. Thad is active, happy, social and brave. He seldom cries for attention and is always curious and like to explore things happening around him.

We chose to organize this party as we believe your 1st birthday is just as important and special of a milestone as your first-month, 18th and 21st birthdays.

We took about a month to plan for this party. The celebration was unforgettable and heartwarming, with memorable blessings from family and friends. It was also an opportunity to introduce Thad to our close friends, who have yet to meet him.


KidiParty: What was the theme of the party?

Jia Xuan: We chose Baby Winnie the Pooh and friends as the party theme because the first soft toy that we ever win for Thad is Winnie the Pooh. It is also my favourite cartoon character. Since Thad is a baby, baby Pooh is ideal.

The setup, including the dessert table, was done by Phats Phats Studio. The service during the initial engagement was excellent. Design and setup of the place were professionally done. They ensured that everything was well coordinated and received many good comments from our family and friends.

I also got the family customized clothing from an ETSY seller named Palm Tree.

Winne the Pooh Party Decor

Why did you choose to hold the party at your condominium's function room?

The function room was spacious and easily accessible. It also has a game room, which can keep the adults and children entertained. There was free parking for guests who drive.

What was the food catering like? Tell us more about the birthday cake too.

We ordered the lunch spread from Eatz Catering. Quality of the food was excellent. The variety of dishes they offer is very different from other caterers. They served Italian baked chicken, Garlic butterfish fillet, golden creamy spinach on picks and sweet longan with mango beancurd.

The customised cake, from Phats Phats Studio, was beautiful and tasty. It was not very sweet and were liked by our guests. The dessert table was also made up of rainbow kueh lapis, customized French macarons, cookies, cheesecake shots, cake pops and push pops.

Beverages and party plates were bought from RedMart.

Winnie the Pooh Desserts and Lunch Buffet

What kinds of entertainment were provided during the party?

Games were available in the function room. There was a dart, a pool table, a soccer table, some toys and books for toddlers. Music was available. We also used this opportunity to catch up with one another.

Whose service(s) did you employ to capture the moments on that hectic day?

We did not engage any photographer. Our friend helped us with the photography.

Were there any unforeseeable issues or surprises at the party?

Unfortunately, while Phats Phats Studio excelled at the theme execution, we were shortchanged. For the desserts, the delivered quantity was much lesser than what was discussed and agreed upon. We did not accept the company's reasons and some of the payment was refunded back to us eventually.

We also ran out of utensils and drinks!

If you could turn back time, what aspects of the party you wish you could have focused more on?

I will like to extend the duration of the celebration, to allow more time to interact with guests and to engage a professional photographer to capture the celebration.

Share some tips you have learned from this experience.

1) Do plenty of research, especially on suppliers.

2) Ensure you have enough time for everything.

3) Remember to get feedback from guests so the next party you plan will be better.

Lastly, would you hold another birthday party in the future, and why?

I will definitely hold another party again. Although hosting a party requires lots of energy and time, it is also a great opportunity to gather your loved ones together. As we grow older, getting together becomes increasingly challenging. Throwing a birthday party is a good way to bring everyone together. 

Thad with Party Guests

Thad and his Winnie the Pooh Themed Birthday PartyHappy 1st Birthday, Thad! 😁

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This article was submitted by  Jia Xuan

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  • Allysia

    9/28/2018 9:27:51 AM | Reply

    Great party and effort in organizing.  

  • Jacqueline

    10/1/2018 10:03:44 AM | Reply

    Thad is so cute! too bad I missed the party, must have been awesome! Smile

  • Sheryl Tang

    10/3/2018 7:24:42 AM | Reply

    Beautiful party filled with lotsa love & effort from daddy mummy Smile

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