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How To Throw The Best Spider-Man Birthday Party?

How To Throw The Ultimate Spider-Man Birthday Party?<Photo Credit: Abby Creative Designs>

How To Throw The Best Spider-Man Birthday Party?

Is your spider-sense tingling over your son's Spider-Man themed birthday party? Don't worry, give his party the ultimate Superhero punch with these inspirations and DIY ideas we've found from the world wide web.


Spider-Man Invite by Etsy's SheinShopDesign<Picture Credit: SheinShopDesign>

1. Invitations

<Video Credit: Troom Troom>

Fancy some arts and crafts? All you need are cardstock papers, a compass, stationaries and a knack for drawing!

If you do not have time for some DIY, Etsy is the perfect source for amazing invites.

 Spider-Man Dessert Table by Isabel's Confetti<Photo Credit: Isabel's Confetti>

2. Party Decoration Ideas

For a Spider-Man party to fit the theme, you should include reds, blues, webs, spiders, skyscrapers, pop art, and comic flair into your décor. Here are some amazing ideas we dug from the internet that will deliver the Spidey factor to your party.

2.1 Birthday Banner

<Video Credit: Ellie Rose Party Designs>

Print out these free printables on white cardstock and cut out the images. Then glue them onto yellow cardstock. Lastly, use a red ribbon to string everything together.

2.2 Spider-Man Balloons

Spider-Man Balloons by Rosielloons<Photo Credit: Rosielloons>

Thanks to Rosielloons, we know creating a portrait of Spider-Man - using blue, red, black and white balloons - is possible. 

2.3 Spider-Man Wreath

Spider-Man Cupcake Liners Wreath by The Party Wall<Photo Credit: Erin Homman for The Party Wall> 

Welcome guests with an amazing Spider-Man wreath. Simply scrunch up red and blue cupcake liners and hot glue them to a Styrofoam wreath. Personalise by adding a few accents and hang with a ribbon.

2.4 Spider's Web

Spider's Web

Use black or red crepe paper to make a web hanging from the ceiling. Hang the lines moving out from the centre first and then draped the circles on top.

Spider-Man beverages by Pretty My Party<Photo Credit: Pretty My Party>

3. Party Food Ideas

No, this is not Halloween. Ditch any idea involving the actual creepy crawlers. Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has inspired some really creative menu ideas that can wow the hungry kids. Tip: You got to practice drawing webs and spiders with black icing first though!

3.1 Spider-Man Cupcakes
Spider-Man Cupcakes by Comic Con Family

<Photo Credit: Comic Con Family>

David's recipe is easy to follow. You will need to create a blue cake mix and red frosting. Finally, use black icing gel to decorate each cupcake with spiderweb.

3.2 Spider-Man Rice Krispy Treats

Spiderman Rice Krispies by Mom on Timeout<Photo Credit: Mom On Timeout>

This innovative recipe comes from Trish. First, dye Rice Krispie treats red using food colouring mixed with marshmallows and butter. Then, decorate each treat with blue and black spiders using icing gel.

3.3 Spider-Man Cookies

Spider-Man Cookies by Sweet Sugar Belle<Photo Credit: Sweet Sugar Belle>

Learn to make Spider-Man cookies with this great tutorial by Sweet Sugar Belle. You only require just a few simple baking essentials: egg-shaped cookie cutter, red piping and flood icing, black piping icing, white 20-second icing and a black food colour marker.

3.4 Spider-Man Oreo Cookies

Spider-Man Oreo Cookies by Kids Craft Room<Photo Credit: Kids Craft Room>

Addicted to making Spider-Man cookies now? Here is another great cookie recipe by Emma of Kids Craft Room to flex your baking skills!

3.5 Spider-Man Candy Apples

Rosanna Pansino's candy apples sure look yummy!

3.6 Spider-Man Birthday Cake

Customised Spider-Man Birthday Cake by Pretty Bakes Custom Cake Singapore sg

<Photo Credit: Pretty Bakes>

When it comes to a birthday cake, a professional baker remains your best bet. You can focus your energy and time on other party-related tasks. Hit up bakeries like Pretty Bakes for a customised Spider-Man cake.

3.7 Spider-Man Slushies

Spider-Man Slushie by Lola Lambchop<Photo Credit: Lola Lambchops>

Tania's Spider-Man slushie will give your guests just the right amount of tingle. Use a glass water dispenser to hold all the slushies. As a finishing touch, paste a Spider-Man logo on the dispenser. Tip: You could paste Spider-Man logos on transparent cups too!


Spider-Man Game by Tips de madre<Photo Credit: Tips de madre>

4. Party Entertainment/Games

Kids will love these fun Spider-Man inspired games. "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look out, here comes the Spiderman!"

4.1 Spider-Man Piñata

Spider-Man Piñata
<Photo Credit: Reading Confetti>

Reading Confetti's Lorie painted her DIY piñata red and used a black permanent marker to add lines. To make Spider-Man's eyes, she simply glued on white paper eyes. Learn to make the paper mache from Jennifer, aka The Copycat Crafter's tutorial!

4.2 Superhero Bean Bag Toss

Superhero Bean Bag Toss<Photo Credit: The Crafted Sparrow>

Be inspired by Rebecca of The Crafted Sparrow. A Superhero bean bag toss is a perfect game for a Spider-Man themed party. First, you cut out appropriately sized holes from a recycled cardboard box then spray-paint it black. Add on the points scored for accurate tosses for each hole and any other embellishments out of cardstock.

4.3 Superhuman Lungs!

One Minute Game<Photo Credit: Lola Lambchops>

This idea comes from Tania. Using a straw, let the kids transfer as many Skittles as they could from one plate to another in one minute. They had to suck in the air so the Skittle would attach to the end of the straw and make sure not to breathe out or the candy would fall. Since this is a Spider-Man party, use red, blue and white Skittles!

4.4 Spidey's Web Trap

String red and blue yarn across and through a room in crisscross patterns to form a maze in the middle of the room. Then place an item (or items) at the far end of the room. During the party, line kids up and one by one, they have to go under, over and through the maze to retrieve the item.

4.5 Spidey's Web War!

This is marvellous fun for outdoor parties. Give each child a can of silly string and then let them have a silly string web war! Tip: Provide sunglasses for each child and towels for them to clean up with after the war

4.6 Web Slinger's Attack

Here is another outdoor game idea for you. Print out pictures of a bunch of Spider-Man's villains and tape them on cups and soda cans, then take a jump rope to use as "web". The objective is to knock over the villains using the flinging rope. Tip: To make the challenge a little more difficult, add water to weigh down the soda cans.

4.7 Invite Spider-Man To Swing By Your Party

Spiderman Changi Airport<Photo Credit: nowboarding.changiairport.com>

You cannot have a Spider-Man party without inviting Spider-Man. Make sure he swings by to wish the man of the hour a happy birthday!

And no, you do not have to send an invite to Tom Holland. Instead, you could ask one of your relatives or friends to don a Spider-Man costume and entertain the kids. Alternatively, hire a professional. Tip: With a great costume comes great responsibility, you must shed your own personality and inhibitions when you are performing.

Antiono’s 5th Birthday Bash by Abby Creative Designs<Photo Credit: Abby Creative Designs>

5. Party Favours

Give away a small gift, as a gesture of thanks or as a memento of the occasion, is the last aspect of the party to focus on. While party favours is not a requirement, it is certainly a nice touch to your would-be very impressive party.

In actuality, there is no shortage of Spider-Man merchandises that will make the ideal party favours. Here are a few ideas to consider without breaking the bank.


5.1 Felt Superhero Mask

DIY Superhero Felt Masks<Photo Credit: Cutesy Crafts>

DIY superhero masks using felt, a permanent ink pen and some elastic and you could have a party full of little Spider-Man and his amazing Superhero friends.

5.2 Spider-Man Colouring Book

Spider-Man Colouring Page by PUY PUY<Photo Credit: PUY PUY>

Kids will go home happy with a Spider-Man colouring book. You could also pack a set of colour pencils and crayons too.

5.3 Spider-Man Goodie Bag

DIY Spider-Man Goodie Bags<Photo Credit: Boy Mama Teacher Mama>

Last but not least, send guests home with cool Spider-Man goodie bags made by you! You’ll just need red favor bags, glue and some black and white cardstock to create Spidey eyes. Stephanie of Boy Mama Teacher Mama shows you how.

Start planning for your own Spider-Man themed birthday party today and don't forget to share with us!


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