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How To Throw The Best LEGO Birthday Party?

How To Throw The Ultimate LEGO Birthday Party in Singapore sg?

<Photo Credit: andersruff.com>


How To Throw The Best LEGO Birthday Party?

Throwing a LEGO-themed party does not have to be as painful as stepping on a LEGO brick. Follow our easy DIY guide and you can count on the party you throw to be the talk of the town.

LEGO birthday invitation card Singapore sg<Photo Credit: brendid.com>

1. Invitations

Since this is a LEGO-themed party, you can build your own invites from scratch. Use a LEGO base plate and bricks to create a basic design. Take a picture of it and use photo-editing programmes, such as PicMonkey.com, to insert the party details.

LEGO birthday invitation card Singapore sg<Photo Credit: inmyhomeabide.blogspot.com>

Alternatively, you can make invitations using coloured card stock, a one-inch hole puncher and 3D foam tape. Simply punch out a couple of circles with the hole puncher and when you have enough, stick them onto a plain piece of card with the foam tape. This will make them raised and give them a 3D look. 

If you do not have time for some DIY, Etsy is the perfect source for professional-looking invites.

LEGO Dessert Table Singapore sg<Photo Credit: andersruff.com>

2. Party Decoration Ideas

For a LEGO-themed party, primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and green are unavoidable. This is an area where you can showcase your creativity and imagination. Here are some amazing ideas we dug from the internet that will deliver the wow factor to your party.

2.1 Birthday Banner

LEGO printable banners Singapore sg<Photo Credit: bigklittleg.blogspot.com>

Print out this free "Happy Birthday" letters, paste each letter on red cards and string them together to form your banner.

2.2 LEGO Head Lanterns

LEGO head lantern Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Pinterest>

Flaunt your creativity by turning yellow lanterns into emotive LEGO heads.

2.3 LEGO Block Banners

Free LEGO printables Singapore sg<Photo Credit: papertraildesign.com>

These LEGO banners can be used to decorate your party. All you have to do is print them on card stock papers and then hang the blocks with some string, twine or clothespins. You could even print these LEGO bricks and glue onto paper bags to use for gift bags.

2.4 LEGO 3D Blocks

3D LEGO Blocks Singapore sg<Photo Credit: andersruff.com>

Empty tissue boxes + wrapping paper + plastic cups = 3D LEGO blocks!

Besides decoration, these blocks can actually be used to display snack foods.

2.5 LEGO Storage Heads

DIY LEGO Storage Heads Singapore sg<Photo Credit: obseussed.com>

Transform snack food containers into holders with yellow spray paints. Victoria, aka ObSEUSSed, shows you how


3. Party Food Ideas

When it comes to party food, do you prefer a hands-on approach? LEGO has inspired some really creative menu ideas that might not be as hard as you think.

3.1 LEGO Marshmallow Pops

<Video Credit: In Katrina's Kitchen>

Adhere a mini marshmallow on top of a large one with a lollipop stick, and dip in yellow chocolate candy wafers. Once they have dried, customized them with a black food-safe pen.

3.2 DIY LEGO Gummies

<Video Credit: The King of Random>

With corn syrup, gelatin, Jell-O and LEGO moulds, you can make your own gummies for everyone to enjoy during the party.

3.3 LEGO Brownies

LEGO brownies Singapore sg<Photo Credit: desertchica.com>

Purchase a box of brownies and give them a LEGO makeover. Add coloured food gel to vanilla frosting and spread them on the brownies. As the finishing touch, add matching coloured M&M's to each brownie.

3.4 LEGO Cookies

LEGO cookies Singapore sg<Photo Credit: sweetsugarbelle.com>

Eager to try out a new cookie recipe? Do so for your party! Callye, aka SweetSugarBelle has some simple tips to turn your regular square and rectangle cookies into attractive LEGO blocks and men. "They are one of the easiest decorated cookies I have ever made!" said the cookie artist from Texas.

3.5 LEGO Cake

LEGO cake by Sensational Cake Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Sensational Cakes>

When it comes to a birthday cake, a professional baker remains your best bet. You can focus your energy and time on other party-related tasks. Hit up bakeries like Sensational Cake for a customised LEGO cake.

However, if you fancy yourself a cake-baking challenge, take on Ashlee's LEGO head cake.

3.6 LEGO Utensil Holder

LEGO Utensil Holder Singapore sg<Photo Credit: attagirlsays.com>

Building utensil holders out of LEGO bricks? Amy proves they are doable.

3.7 LEGO Cups

LEGO cups Singapore sg<Photo Credit: magnetoboldtoo.com>

 All you need is a black marker to transform yellow paper cups into LEGO-themed.

3.8 LEGO Drinking Blocks

LEGO Drinking Blocks Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Pinterest>

Get your favourite type of juice box and wrap each one up like a present. Paste circle cut-outs onto the wrapped box with foam stickers to give it a little definition. To achieve perfect circles, it is advisable to use a circle cutter.

4. Party Entertainment/Games

There is no need to stress out over party games. These LEGO-inspired games are simple, fun, interactive and best of all, even adults can join in!

If you need a prize for the winner, consider a LEGO playset.

4.1 "How Many Blocks Are in the Jar?"

How Many Blocks Are in the Jar? LEGO game Singapore sg<Photo Credit: amylattacreations.com>

 This game is not only a classic, but it is extremely easy to set up.

4.2 LEGO Spoon Race

LEGO Spoon Race Singapore sg<Photo Credit: littlefamilyfun.com>

This activity may look simple but it will definitely help turn your party into one rowdy fest. Put  LEGO blocks into a bowl and line the kids up behind it. Place another bowl across the room. One at a time, have the boys scoop up LEGOs with a plastic spoon and quickly take it to the next bowl without spilling their spoonful. Then run back and give the spoon to the next in line. If you have enough kids, you can make it into a competition between two teams!

 4.3 Pin The Head: LEGO Edition

Pin The Head: LEGO Edition Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: eastcoastmommyblog>

Give the classic birthday party game the LEGO treatment. Print out these templates and use a piece of Bristol board to create your own LEGO man.

4.4 LEGO Bean Bag Toss

LEGO Bean Bag Toss Singapore sg<Photo Credit: stampwithheather>

Thanks to Heather, we know a game of bean bag toss can be LEGO-fied. Cover a cardboard box in paper and cut two holes in the top to resemble a LEGO block. For the bean bags, cut squares and circles out of felt and glue the circles to the squares to make LEGO blocks. Fill a small Ziploc bag with rice, place it between two squares, and sew together at the edges.

5. Party Favours

Ok, your invitations have been sent out. You have the dessert table and party decoration in the bag. You even have the itch for more DIYs. No sweat.

So, what is next? Party favours, of course!

Give away a small gift, as a gesture of thanks or as a memento of the occasion, is the last aspect of the party to focus on. While party favours is not a requirement, it is certainly a nice touch to your would-be very impressive party.

Here are some ideas to consider.

5.1 DIY LEGO Gift Tag

LEGO Gift Tags Singapore sg<Photo Credit: halfscratched.com>

Print these free gift tags on white cardstock and trim the tags to size. Then punch a hole in the gift gag and attach using a curling ribbon. Alternatively, you can use kraft cardstock as the gift tag and glue the printable on it.

5.2 DIY LEGO Crayons

<Video Credit: I Heart Nap Time>

Break up crayons into smaller bits and place them in LEGO moulds. Place the moulds in the microwave and voilà, you got LEGO crayons!

5.3 LEGO Minifigures

LEGO MiniFigures Singapore sg<Photo Credit: halfscratched.com>

If you prefer to spend some money on party favours, LEGO Minifigures are the perfect gifts. Each mini-figure comes in a sealed 'mystery' bag with one or more accessories, display plate and collector's booklet. These figures can be inspired by movies, history and everyday life.

5.4 Personalised LEGO Badges

LEGO Badges Singapore sg kidiparty

These badges can be personalised with the names of your guests.

5.5 DIY LEGO Gift Bags

<Video Credit: CoursTV>

Lastly, you will need a gift bag to house the party favours. Send your guests home with these Lego themed goodie bags. Paste circle cut-outs onto colourful paper bags. If you want a little definition, use foam stickers instead of glue.

So you see, planning a LEGO party is not as hard as you would have thought. All you need is some creativity, time and your trusted nimble hands. Start planning for your own LEGO-themed birthday party today and don't forget to share with us!

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