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How To Throw The Best Frozen Birthday Party?

How To Throw The Best Frozen Birthday Party?<Photo Credit: Easy Breezy Parties by Fiona A>

How To Throw The Best Frozen Birthday Party?

Long live Elsa and Anna. With the sequel to Frozen hitting the theatres, girls everywhere will once again be enchanted by the magic of Arendelle. And this means Frozen-themed birthday party is once again going to be extremely popular!

Before you go into panic mode and let it go, just remember KidiParty is here to help. We have scoured the internet for some of the most creative Frozen-themed ideas to get you inspired. 


Frozen Invite by Etsy's KristiStudioDesign<Picture Credit: KristiStudioDesign> 

1. Invitations

Natalie's DIY Frozen Party Invitation Stay At Home With Natalie<Photo Credit: At Home With Natalie>

Want to flex your creative muscle? Natalie's DIY Frozen Party Invitation Tutorial is not only easy to understand, but fun to create as well. All you need are cardstock papers, stationaries and good Photoshop skills.

If you do not have time to DIY, Etsy is always the perfect source for amazing invites.

Frozen decoration with aqua blue tutu table skirt from FiveWhimsyLane<Photo Credit: FiveWhimsyLane>

2. Party Decoration Ideas

Think Elsa, magic and snow for a Frozen party. Channel the icy elegance of winter with a blue and white palette. Then, throw in dashes of metallic flair for shimmer and sparkle. Don't forget to add some tulle into your décor! Here are some amazing DIY ideas that will add the whimsy to your winter wonderland.

2.1 Frozen Party Printables

Frozen Party Printables by Homeketeers<Picture Credit: Homeketeers>

Thanks to Jessica and Aunesty of the Homeketeers, you can get Frozen Party Printables for free! This package comes with matching invitations, cake toppers, cupcake wrappers and straw flags.

To get the complete set that includes a garland, Happy Birthday banner, mini candy bar wrappers, water bottle wrappers and treat bags, you just need to pay a derisory amount of USD$1.99!

2.2 Frozen Wreath

Frozen Wreath by Paging Fun Mums<Photo Credit: Paging Fun Mums>

Hang an impressive glowing Frozen wreath for your guests to marvel at. All you need are a styrofoam wreath, blue and white tulles, baubles, snowflake ornaments and your pair of crafty hands.

2.3 Frozen Signages

Frozen dessert table by Disney<Photo Credit: Disney>

There are meaningful quotes from the film that would beautifully translate into the décor. Add a magical touch to your child' Frozen-themed party with this "Let It Go" canvas stencil.

2.4 Frozen Chandelier

Frozen Chandelier by Sara Betsy Osborn<Photo Credit: Sara Betsy Osborn>

These Frozen-themed chandeliers are pretty easy to put together and add a touch of grandeur to your party. Imagine hanging a few around your party venue!

2.5 Marshmallow Garland

Marshmallow Garland by Betty Crocker<Photo Credit: Betty Crocker>

Create your indoor winter wonderland with the help from fluffy marshmallows. Thread white marshmallows together with basic sewing thread and tied a few knots at the ends so the fluffy treats don’t fall off.

2.6 Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland by Chiara Alberetti Milott<Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day>

Like the marshmallow garland, this is another simple party do-it-yourself. Chiara Alberetti Milott has a great tutorial on this. All you need are white balloons, thread, needle, assorted papers, snowflake punches and a pair of scissors.

2.7 Coffee Filter Cone Tree

Coffee Filter Cone Tree by I Heart Naptime<Photo Credit: I Heart Naptime>

Jamielyn Nye of I Heart Naptime teaches you how to make a cone tree from coffee filters. They make great decorations or centrepieces for your Frozen Party, don't they?

2.8 Snowgie Snowflakes

Snowgie Snowflakes by Disney<Photo Credit: Disney>

Snowgies are the cutest snow creatures in all of Arendelle. Bring the winter wonderland indoors (minus the cold) with playful DIY Snowgie Snowflakes. They create beautiful garlands for your party.

2.9 Frozen DIY Ruffled Streamers

Frozen DIY Ruffled Streamers by Two Sisters<Photo Credit: Two Sisters>

Take crepe paper streamers up a notch by creating these Frozen DIY Ruffled Streamers – all you need are crepe paper streamers and a sewing machine.

Frozen Food Table by Ashlee Marie<Photo Credit: Ashlee Marie>

3. Party Food Ideas

One thing is for sure when hosting a Frozen birthday day - there will inevitably be a large amount of sugar consumed from all the pretty and sparkly food items you will be whipping up.

Here are some party food and drink ideas to transport you to Arendelle. And Olaf seems to be a source of inspiration for many!

3.1 Frozen Frost Bites

Frozen Frost Bites by Carrie Dahlin<Photo Credit: Carrie Dahlin>

Dip marshmallows into melted white chocolate with blue colouring. Then, roll in sparkly blue sugar for the final Frozen touch.

3.2 Frozen Cupcakes

Arlene is definitely a Queen when it comes to baking Frozen-themed cupcakes. Watch her whip up yummy vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

3.3 Frozen Popcorn Snowballs

Frozen Popcorn Snowballs by Natalie Dicks<Photo Credit: Natalie Dicks>

Sweet, crunchy and gooey popcorn snowballs are a delicious snack and make great party food. Life Made Simple's Natalie has an awesome recipe!

3.4 Melted Olaf Cups

Melted Olaf Cups by Kylie Jenkins<Photo Credit: Kylie Jenkins of Made by a Princess>

Fill your cups with vanilla ice cream or yoghurt, then top with pretzel sticks, a piece of dried apricot for a nose and some mini chocolate chips.

3.5 Floating Olaf in Jello

Floating Olaf in Jello<Photo Credit: Kate's Party Ideas>

Really cute. And really easy, actually! You just need marshmallows to make Olaf's body and coloured frosting to decorate his eyes, nose, buttons and arms. Need help? Follow Melissa's recipe for this fun party food.

3.6 Sven's Treats

Sven's Treats by Life is a Party<Picture Credit: Life is a Party>

Little carrots and dip make a great snack. And this is clearly inspired by how Sven kept trying to eat Olaf's nose. How clever!

3.7 Olaf Cheese Sticks

Olaf Cheese Sticks by Marina Delio<Photo Credit: YummyMummyKitchen.com>

Draw little Olaf faces on the wrapper of mozzarella string cheese sticks. All you need is a little artistic skill using black and orange markers!

3.8 Frozen Pretzel Snacks

Frozen Pretzel Snacks by Michelle Clausen<Photo Credit: Sugar Wings>

You’ve got all your favourite Frozen characters in their edible form: Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, Sven and Marshmallow! All you need are pretzels, melting wafers and a few sprinkles. See the full tutorial.

3.9 Frozen Melted Snowman Water Station

Frozen Melted Snowman Water Station by Two Sisters<Photo Credit: Two Sisters>

With so many sweet foods prepared, the kids need something to quench their thirst. Swap out sugared drinks for plain water instead. This water station completed with melting Olaf and carrot nose is so on point, isn't it? Even if it is a little cheeky. 😜

3.10 DIY Frozen Birthday Cake

DIY Frozen Birthday Cake by Kristen Hewitt<Photo Credit: Priceless Photos by Melissa>

When it comes to a birthday cake, a professional baker remains your best bet. You can focus your energy and time on other party-related tasks. Hit up bakeries like Little Sprinkles for a customised Elsa cake.

However, if you can bake, and desire a fun challenge, like Kristen, then you are more than qualified to make your own special DIY Frozen birthday cake.

Fake Frozen Snowball Fight<Photo Credit: Bachmanville Photography>

4. Party Entertainment/Games

Work off the sugar-rush from all the sugary treats with some fun and interactive activities. The girls are sure to go crazy over these! Prizes are optional.

4.1 Rockin’ Olaf Bowling Game

Rockin’ Olaf Bowling Game by Disney<Photo Credit: Disney>

Take a cue from Disney and have a fun, laughter-filled good time with this easy to make Olaf-inspired bowling game. Let all of the kids test their own icy powers with hand-painted Olaf-inspired pins and a rock troll bowling ball. 

4.2 Free the Princesses!

Free the Princesses Game by Play Party Plan<Photo Credit: Play Party Plan>

Put Frozen toy figures in a bucket or storage container and freeze overnight. Kids will have to break the princesses out of the ice. Make sure that everyone is wearing gloves!

4.3 Indoor Snowball Fight

An indoor snowball fight is always fun. Get your hands on some artificial snowballs!

4.4 Pin the Nose on Olaf

Free Pin the Nose on Olaf Printable from HaleGrafx

Grab this free printable from HaleGrafx to make your own "Pin the Nose on Olaf" game! Print out the picture of Olaf and carrot noses separately. Adhere Olaf to cardboard or foam board and cut each nose out. For the kids to stick the nose, use double-stick tape.

4.5 Freeze Dance

Frozen themed kid's party<Photo Credit: Polka Dot Entertainment>

Turn up the tunes from Frozen and just let the kids dance away. Then, pause the music every few minutes and the girls have to freeze in whatever position they were in. This is super easy and fun!

Frozen Dessert Table with Olaf Goodie Bags<Photo Credit: Catch My Party>

5. Party Favours

Give away a small gift, as a gesture of thanks or as a memento of the occasion, is the last aspect of the party to focus on. While party favours is not a requirement, it is certainly a nice touch to your would-be very impressive party.

Honestly, there is no shortage of Frozen merchandises - like these princess accessories or rulers - to fill up your goodie bags. However, if you wish for some truly unique gifts for your little guests, check these out:

5.1 DIY Elsa Crowns

Elsa Crowns by Two Sisters<Photo Credit: Two Sisters>

Make every girl feels like a princess by making crowns. Cut out the crown patterns from felt and stick them onto a white plastic headband. Use a thin piece foam sheet to ensure that the crown will stand up straight and not flop over while it is being worn. Lastly, adorn the crown with glitter and plastic rhinestones.

You can cover an oatmeal box in silver wrapping paper and used that as a stand by the front door.  Every guest got a crown as they entered the party!

5.2 DIY Olaf Sock Snowman

Olaf Sock Snowman by One Creative Mommy<Photo Credit: One Creative Mommy>

Depending on your guest list, making these for your guests can be very time-consuming. Alternatively, make this into a group activity at the party. The kids get to make their own to bring home. We bet this will be a hit!

Familiarize yourself first before you teach the kids with this tutorial. Free Olaf's features printable is also available.

5.3 DIY Frozen Peg Dolls

DIY Frozen Peg Dolls by Rambling Renovators<Photo Credit: Rambling Renovators>

Pride yourself a crafty mum? Here's a challenge for you - painted Frozen peg dolls. These wooden peg dolls would definitely be the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Draw the outlines in pencil first. Then paint with acrylic paint and finish with a sealant.

According to Jen of Rambling Renovators, these dolls might look complicated but they were surprisingly enjoyable, even relaxing to make. You kinda just have to have a steady hand and paint!

5.4 DIY Frozen Party Gift Bags

Elsa Party Favour Bags by Two Sisters<Photo Credit: Two Sisters>Olaf Party Favour Bags by Two Sisters<Photo Credit: Two Sisters>

This is it! Only one last thing left to do. Flaunt your crafty skills one more time by making your own favour bags. You can make Elsa Party Favour Bags or Olaf Party Favour Bags using felt.

Thank you for making it to the end. Now you are ready to plan for your own Frozen-themed birthday party. Remember to share your party with us!


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