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How To Allocate Budget for Your Kid's Party?

How To Allocate Budget for Your Kid's Party? KidiParty Singapore sg

Allocating Budget For Your Kid's Party

Birthday parties are not cheap. For many of us, there is only so much we can splurge. And no party is worth breaking the bank for. So how should you allocate money for your kid's next birthday bash?

Truth to be told, there is simply no universal formula when it comes to budgeting for your kid's birthday party. You simply have to figure out what is important to you - is it the party display, the food, or the entertainment?

Here’s what KidiParty thinks a good allocation of money for a kid’s party should look like. Of course, you can, and should, adjust based on your priorities!


Allocating Budget for Your Kid's Party KidiParty Singapore sg


1) Venue

A Party at KidZania Singapore<Photo Credit: KidZania Singapore>

Recommendation - no more than 30% of your budget

In Singapore, there is no shortage of options for you to choose from. Many trendy cafés and indoor theme parks let you rent out their space. Normally, they would also come with packages and a minimum guaranteed consumption. Payment for food and venue in one. What's not to love?

A cheaper alternative would be renting a function room in a residential clubhouse. Reach out to relatives or friends who are staying in condominiums if you can use the space. After all, they are still required to pay a monthly conservancy even if they are not using the facilities. We are sure someone will be more than willing to help you out!

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2) Party Decorations

Kid's Superhero Birthday Decoration by Personal Creations<Photo Credit: Personal Creations>

Recommendation - at least 20% of your budget

Decoration helps to set the mood of your party. It involves everything from the dessert table and tableware to balloons and personalised banners. And when the party has a theme, you will need to display fun accents using the right party supplies.

There are two ways to go about this - buy them all or tackle some DIY projects you scoured from the internet. Either way, your ultimate goal is to create a memorable party for your guests. Wouldn't you want them to be happy with what they see?

Since most Singaporean parents work, DIY projects may not be the most realistic approach. Therefore, be prepared to spend a bit more for convenience.

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3) Food & Beverages

Food Spread in a Under The Sea Themed Birthday Party<Photo Credit: Yvonne Chia>

Recommendation - at least 30% of your budget

Before allocating a budget for your food, answer these questions: How many guests are you inviting? And how much are you willing to spend per head? The higher the headcount, the more you gotta spend.

In Singapore, it is the norm to have a buffet spread on top of your delectable sweets. You do not want your guests going hungry or you running out of food before all the guests reach. But at the same time, you are also not inviting people over for a meal. As a rule of thumb, avoid spending over SGD$15/head.

For the dessert table, you could hire a professional to take care of both the decoration and food. Many companies offer packages with a good selection of customised desserts. However, the common practice amongst Singaporeans is to get desserts from various sources. For example, instead of customising Mickey Mouse cupcakes, you use Mickey Mouse cupcake toppers on regular ones.

If you truly want to splurge on food, do so on the birthday cake. It is the single-most-important food item at your party. But be warned. A customised centrepiece cake can easily cost you over SGD$100!

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4) Documentation

Canon camera on white sheets

Recommendation - about 10% of your budget

If you are spending a fortune on a birthday party with the most picture-perfect landscape, you might as well hire a professional photographer and/or videographer. Taking "wefies", or asking guests to share photos taken with their phones won't be enough.

The party is an investment in terms of your time, dedication and sanity. Hire a professional photographer so that you can have some exceptional photographs to remember all those moments and details. Besides, you can show your kid the photo album when they are older!

Of course, it is possible to make do without a professional photographer. All you need is someone - a friend, relative or even yourself - with a digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR).

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5) Host/Entertainment

Magic show and bouncy castle at Xander's Birthday Party<Photo Credit: Yvonne Chia>

Recommendation - 5% of your budget

A birthday party host manages your party programme and entertainers can create truly memorable events for the children. Many entertainers offer several of these services and double as hosts too.

There is a wide variety of party entertainment and activities you can consider: balloon artists, clowns, costumed characters, face painters, magicians, make-up artists, puppet shows, singers, arts & crafts, ventriloquists and more.

But here's the hard truth. Party entertainments are a luxury.

When you are already working with a shoestring budget, you shouldn't be even looking for one. Want a host? Ask around and see if anyone would be interested to help you out. As for entertainment, consider some DIY games that don't cost much!

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6) Party Favours

Frozen Dessert Table with Olaf Goodie Bags<Photo Credit: Catch My Party>

Recommendation - no more than 5% of your budget

Giving out party favours is a party custom. The biggest reason anyone hands out party favours is to show gratitude to parents and children for coming to their child's party. It is simply a small token of your appreciation for coming out to celebrate. Crafts made at the party can also be considered as a party favour. It is a good combination of party activity and party favour.

However, not every parent is a fan of giving out party favours. Many are just tired of the crummy little toys and junk food that comes home from parties. If budget is a constraint, you have concerns about the environment or food allergies, or if you just don’t want to do it, then don't. It is your prerogative.

If you decide to do it, remember not to go over the top - you do not want to spend more on the favours than people might spend on a gift for your child. Explore practical options like stationaries, drawing pads, or books!

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