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Charmaine Turns 1 – Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party!

Charmaine Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party

Charmaine's Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party

This article was submitted by Joey Chan. 


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Joey's Vendor Reviews

NSRCC  (Venue)"Spacious and clean chalet located away from the hustle and bustle."
Mei Hao 99 Catering (Buffet)"Food is warm and delicious. Generous portions too!"
Pine Garden (Cake)"The cake definitely met my expectation!"
Sucre Délices (Mini steamed cakes)"The kids and adults loved the soft mini cakes."

My husband and I wanted to celebrate our firstborn girl, Charmaine’s first birthday. She is a cheerful, playful and cheeky girl who is a huge fan of Sesame Street, especially the character Elmo. Every weekend, we go to USS to visit Elmo and his friends. She needs to watch at least an episode of Sesame Street every night before she sleeps.

The entire party took us about 4 months to plan and execute. We had every intention to make it a big and memorable day for the family. 


KidiParty: What was the theme of the party?

Joey: Since Charmaine loves Sesame Street, we decided to go use that as our theme. The party supplies, such as Elmo and alphabetic balloons, Sesame Street hanging swirl, table cover, flag banner and customised name banner, were purchased from Taobao.

Sesame Street decorations

Why did you choose the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) to hold the party?

We had the party in a double storey bungalow in NSRCC at Changi. It has a spacious living room area, a balcony and a good size kitchen to prepare food. Besides, it was also the venue for my solemnisation so it was nice to go back there for another joyous occasion.

What was the food catering like? Tell us more about the birthday cake too.

We ordered a lunch buffet from Mei Hao 99 Catering. The food was warm, tasty and reasonably priced. The delivery and set up were prompt. Although I ordered for 40 pax, the spread was enough to cater to 50 pax!

I purchased a customised, tiered Sesame Street cake from Pine Garden. The final product was soft and fluffy. The bottom tier was sea-salt caramel and the top tier was orange-zest chocolate flavoured. It tasted delicious and was not too sweet.

I also bought mini steamed cakes from Sucre Délices. They were cute to look at, soft and tasty. My guests loved them!

Sesame Street cakes and pastries

What kinds of entertainment were provided during the party?

We did not include any activity. However, I brought a toy house for the kids.

Whose service(s) did you employ to capture the moments on that hectic day?

We did not hire a professional photographer. All images were taken by a friend.

Were there any unforeseeable issues or surprises at the party?

Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

If you could turn back time, what aspects of the party you wish you could have focused more on?

Everything is good. I will probably reconsider the location. It was not very accessible for those who do not drive.

Share some tips you have learned from this experience.

1) Pre-plan the party in advance to minimise hiccups

2) Delegate tasks to friends whom you can rely on.

3) As the hosts will be busy entertaining guests, assign someone to liaise with suppliers and logistics.

Lastly, would you hold another birthday party in the future, and why?

Yes. I am planning another 1st birthday party for my second child.

Charmaine's Sesame Street Themed PartyHappy 1st Birthday, Charmaine! 😁

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This article was submitted by Joey Chan

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  • Irene teo

    9/21/2018 11:42:11 AM | Reply

    Is the food nice?

    • Joey

      9/26/2018 1:18:24 AM | Reply

      Yes, it's being served warm and yummy!

  • Irene teo

    9/21/2018 11:43:23 AM | Reply

    How do u plan the party

    • Joey

      9/26/2018 1:32:15 AM | Reply

      It's quite easy with a few main steps in mind for a basic party as per follow.
      1. Allocate a budget for the party
      2. Source for a suitable venue that can cater to the no. of pax, accessibility and budget
      3. Think of a theme and source for matching decor
      4. Source for birthday cake / dessert table vendor/ caterer etc

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