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Caleb Turns 5 - Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party!

Caleb Turns 5 Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party Kids Birthday Party Singapore

paw patrol dessert table kids birthday party singapore


Having experienced over-the-top and elaborate birthday parties done by other parents for their child, and as a parent who dislikes planning and organising birthday parties, the forthcoming birthdays of our three kids are viewed with a mixture of excitement, dread and trepidation. We do really want our kids to enjoy and remember their birthday parties, but we do not want them to believe that fun comes at a high cost.

So we were a bit concerned and reluctant when our soon-to-be 5-year-old started asking for a magic show for his birthday. We tried to convince him to skip the whole birthday party idea and instead go for a magic show with the entire family and a couple of friends. However, his little heart was set on a fun birthday party and a magic show.

Derek Magic children magician kids birthday party singapore

Sourcing magicians proved to be tiresome as we had to call, email and send Facebook messages individually to the various magicians we found via word of mouth. The magicians' prices did leave me rather speechless and the whole process was quite time-consuming. Luckily I came across KidiParty along the way and found a quicker method of sourcing a number of entertainers and contacting them directly through this platform. 

Qiren Organisation venues for kids birthday party singapore

Then after reviewing our other options, we happened to be offered to hold our kid's birthday party indoor at the Qiren function rooms! It is located at the east side of Singapore - Tampines. The air-conditioned room was clean and spacious, with chairs and tables provided.


Qiren Organisation function room venues for kids birthday party singapore

Imagine our relief when our Qiren agent, Doris Kho, mentioned that on top of providing a lovely venue, they would decorate and set up the room for us (that was my most hated job) and hire a magician. That left us with the food, birthday cake and goodie bags to organise (which was the fun part)!

What was the most amazing part of our 5-year-old son's birthday party? The wonderful Paw Patrol themed decorations, backdrop banner and balloons – the look of excitement when we arrived said it all.

Children Magic Show

The magician, Derek Magic, provided 45 minutes of entertainment and thrilled the young guests. My son was delighted beyond his wildest dreams and to be singled out to help was a dream come true. He spent much of the show chortling with laughter and cackling with the hilarity. Derek also gave him his own wand to his absolute joy. That’s now his greatest treasure, his magic wand from a real magician and he has been inspired to practice magic tricks since.

Beyond that, it was easy to decide on what food to order. KFC provided bucketloads of well-received fried chicken and California Pizza served us a range of pizzas which kept our guests well fed. The main effort for us was lugging the excessive amount of chocolate, jellies, chips and drinks to the venue. 

Goodie bags were an assortment of Paw Patrol bags provided by Qiren as well as the ones we organised ourselves which were divided into those for really young kids, toddlers, the 4-5-year-olds and ones for older siblings. As usual, stickers, colouring pencils, books and travel activity mats were a hit.

Overall, it was a memorable and fun birthday party for us and our son with minimal effort on our part! Even better, the Qiren agents did the worst part of the birthday party - clean up after the party!

Vendor Credits

Venue: Qiren Organisation
Magician: Derek Magic
Food: KFC & California Pizza

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