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5 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

We are so excited for the upcoming Christmas festivities. Our previous post on Top 10 Fun Christmas Party Games/Activities for Kids was super popular and enjoyed by many and we hope you will enjoy these Christmas craft ideas as well.


1. Christmas Dot Painting

Christmas Dot Painting Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

Source: The Resourceful Mama

Not only are these free Christmas Dot Painting worksheets fairly mess-free, the set up and clean-up is also super easy. 

You can use Do A Dot Art! Markers for dot painting. If you don’t have Do a Dot Markers, you could also use Bingo Markers or Pom-Poms. Use a clothespin and squeeze a pom pom for a DIY pom pom dot maker. 

Get free printable here


2. Paper Plate Christmas Elf Craft

Paper Plate Christmas Elf Craft Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

Source: I Heart Crafty Things

Elves are popular characters during the holiday season, so it’s always fun to get out the crafting materials and make an adorable elf craft with the kids before Christmas.


  • small paper plate
  • green, yellow and white cardstock paper
  • skintone paint
  • cotton balls
  • googly eyes
  • red circle sticker (or you could cut a circle out of construction paper)
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • glue


1. Start by painting your small paper plate and part of your white cardstock paper with your skin tone paint. You’ll only need to paint enough for elf ears on your white construction paper. Set the pieces aside to dry completely.

2. While your paint is drying, cut out a long skinny triangle out of your green cardstock paper. You’ll want to use the entire length of your green cardstock paper to make your triangle. Fold down the tip of the triangle to look like a Christmas hat. Also, cut out elf hair from your yellow cardstock paper, or choose any color you want for your hair. I made a boy elf but you could obviously choose a boy or girl.

3. Once your paint is dry, cut pointy ears out of your painted cardstock paper and glue them onto the sides of your small paper plate. Put glue at the top and bottom rim of your paper plate and glue it onto your green triangle.

4. Glue the elf hair at the top of the small paper plate. Then glue a line of cotton balls at the top of the hair and one at the end of the hat.

5. Finish your paper plate elf craft by glueing googly on his face, adding your red circle sticker for his nose (or a circle cut out of construction paper) and draw a big smile on his face with your black marker.

Read more information here.



3. Button Christmas Tree Ornament

Button Ornament Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

Christmas tree onament Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

Xmas tree onament Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

Source: Hands On As We Grow

This is an easy homemade ornament for Christmas shared by Kristina from Toddler Approved. The possibilities really are endless with this ornament! You can spend this Christmas spending time to create something special for you and your child.


  • Green Felt
  • Foam Sheet
  • Ribbon
  • Various sized/coloured buttons
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue


1. Print out a tree template or draw your own. Cut it out.

2. Trace it onto foam and felt and cut it out.

3. Use the glue gun to attach the felt to the foam back (this part is for adults only unless you have older kids that can be supervised with the glue gun).

4. Sort through your buttons and choose your favorites and then use Elmer’s glue to decorate the tree with buttons or other colorful items.

5. Use an awl or the edge of scissors to make a hole through the top of the tree.

6. Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie a knot to make a loop.

7. Have your little one hang this on your Christmas tree… and then make a few more!

Read more information here.


4. Reindeer Finger Puppet Craft

Reindeer Finger Puppet Craft Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

Source: Artsy Momma

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive Christmas craft for your kids this holiday season, try making this cute reindeer finger puppet craft. This darling puppet is sure to bring loads of smiles and giggles from your little ones!


  • brown cardstock paper
  • 3/4-inch circle punch
  • 2 1/2-inch circle punch (optional)
  • small clothespins
  • googly eyes
  • red craft gem
  • scissors
  • glue


1. Gather all of your supplies. From your brown cardstock paper, cut out two circles, one 4-inches in diameter and one 2 1/2-inches in diameter. You will also need to cut out two reindeer ears from your brown cardstock paper. Punch two 3/4-inch circles in the bottom of your large circle for your fingers.

2. Cut a small strip off the sides of your smaller circle to make more of a reindeer head shape. Now you can assemble your reindeer finger puppet.

3. Glue the reindeer head onto the larger circle making sure that the finger holes are at the bottom. Glue the ears onto the back of the reindeer head.

4. Glue on your googly eyes and your red craft gem. Finish your reindeer by attaching the two clothespins at the top of the reindeer for it’s antlers.

Now your cute reindeer finger puppet is all ready for play!

Read more information here.


5. Christmas Tree Clay Ornaments

Christmas Tree Clay Ornaments Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Your Toddler

Source: Adventure-in-a-box

Air-dry clay works like clay and gives an opportunity to sculpt a variety of three-dimensional forms, then dries without having to be put in a kiln or an oven. It’s a great opportunity to let your child try making one personalised Clay Ornaments! You might turn this year’s Christmas into something more memorable than what you expected!


  • Crayola Model Magic, Green and Crayola Model Magic, Olive Green (we mixed two of these clays together, but using only green is fine!)
  • Christmas tree cookie cutter
  • Little rolling pin
  • Beads and little buttons
  • Googly eyes

Read more information here.


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