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5 Reasons to Hire a Photo Booth for Your Child’s Birthday Party

To be in your children's memory tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today


A child’s birthday party is reason for celebration. It is a time where family and friends get together which isn't always possible. This means that photo opportunities will present themselves. You can encourage your party guests to take pictures and enjoy the occasion.

Photo booths are a great way to get your guests in the spirit of celebrating. It is also a good way to get guests to socialize. Photobooth is the latest trend for events being offered to your guest for that candid, wacky, and not so formal shot. Your guests will get to pose for the camera to capture that candid fun shots in a print out. Photobooths will be an instant hit for all ages and will have people talking about your event. When planning a birthday party, it is always important to have activities that are fun for the kids and grandparents alike. A photo booth is a great way to keep the youngest and oldest guests entertained.

Here are 5 great reasons to hire a photobooth to make sure that your guest will take the full advantage of the ultimate birthday party photobooth experience.

Photo Booth is a Memorable Souvenir for Guests

1. A Memorable Souvenir for Guests

Don’t let your guests leave with empty hands! It’s a special day for you and your child. You want to leave a good memory of how special this day is, so do your guests! The photobooth prints itself makes a perfect souvenir of your party that your guest will cherish. Having a photo booth at your child's birthday party is a fun way for party guests to create their own souvenirs to take home and display on their refrigerators, or pull out of their wallets to show others. You can also use the photo booth to take unique pictures to add to scrapbooks or the birthday party album. You can also include the photos with thank you cards that you send out to guests. The photos taken in your photo booth may come to be conversation starters for years to come! Create beautiful memories during your child’s birthday party with an instant photo print.

Photo booth Instant Gratification

2. Instant Gratification

Who doesn’t like souvenirs? Instant photo printouts for your party guests! This is a small token of appreciation for your guests who have taken off some of their time and effort to make it to your child’s birthday party.


Photo Booth for Your Child’s Birthday Party

3. Keep Your Guests Entertained

Lively environment keeps boredom away! Creative party props and photo booth backdrop will leave an impression for your guests! You can either use a moustache on a stick, clown noses, angel wings, a sword, eye patch, and much more. This will create worthy images of you and your guests!

Get the photobooth that you need from vendors at KidiParty to create a unique photo opportunity for your party guests.

Share the memories instantly on social media platforms!

4. Share the memories instantly on social media platforms!

With Insta-story, Snapchat and Facebook Live, active social media-ers can create an awareness to the public and everyone will be wishing your child a “Happy Birthday!”.

Also, by leaving an impression, some may upload their photos taken at your child’s birthday party photo booth on their social media and that adds on credit to your hard work in planning all the little details to make the birthday party successful!

Keep the customised photo booth backdrop as a souvenir

5. Keep customised photo booth backdrop as a souvenir for your child!

Customise your own photobooth backdrop (with your child’s favourite theme) to add on to the uniqueness of your child’s birthday party! This very precious souvenir for your child will leave a memory for him/her to look back when they grow older. 😊

Get the Superhero Backdrop that you need to create a unique photo opportunity for your child’s birthday party guests. KidiParty has a wide selection of backdrop designs for you to choose from.


Whatever your reason is, you will be sure to have something to look back on and remember how, at that moment, every single guest had a smile on their faces. And now you have one too. 


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