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5 Birthday Party Games Both Kids and Adults Can Enjoy Together

Games Both Kids and Adults Can Play Together at a Kid's Birthday Party Singapore sg


Games Both Kids and Adults Can Play Together at a Kid's Birthday Party

Kids’ birthday parties can be a fun event for kids but a snoozefest for chaperoning adults, especially if they have nothing to do to pass the time.

Make your party an inclusive and more memorable one by incorporating some non-hired entertainment for all. If you are lost on how to go about adding a good dose of fun to your party, scroll down to check out 5 easy icebreaking games kids and adults can enjoy together.

1. Balloon Burst

Balloon Burst birthday party game for both kids and adults Singapore sg<Photo Credit: playpartyplan.com>

Balloon burst is kind of like a game of piñata, except without the use of a stick. Players will attempt to burst one another's balloon and the last player to have an unpopped balloon wins!

Balloon Burst Inforgraphic easy party game Singapore sg

Supplies needed for Balloon Burst

  • Candies
  • Round balloons, one per player
  • Balloon ribbon or string

Setup for Balloon Burst

Fill balloons with one piece of candy each, preferably something that doesn’t really squish and fits into a balloon. Once they’re filled, blow the balloons up and tie a ribbon to the end.

How to Play Balloon Burst

Give each player a balloon and help them tie it to their ankle. Everyone will go around trying to pop each other’s balloons by stomping on them. If they pop someone’s balloon, that person is out, and the person who popped the balloon gets the candy that was inside the popped balloon. The last player with an unpopped balloon wins.

Balloon Burst is Ideal for

Ages 4 and above.

Game Tips for Balloon Burst

Consider a consolation prize, like a piece of candy, for anyone who has their balloon popped without popping anyone else’s.

Start Your Own Balloon Burst With


2. Pass the Parcel

Pass The Parcel  birthday party game for both kids and adults Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Flickr>

The idea of this game is to pass around a gift, aka the parcel, wrapped in as many layers as you like. The person who unwraps the last layer and exposes the gift gets to keep it.

Pass the Parcel Inforgraphic easy party game Singapore sg

Supplies for Pass the Parcel

  • Main gift
  • Secondary gifts - small trinkets or candies
  • Wrapping papers
  • Music player

Setup for Pass the Parcel

Wrap the main gift in many layers. Hide a small trinket or candy inside each layer. This ensures no one, especially kids, misses out, and the winner still gets something special.

How to Play Pass the Parcel

The parcel can only be passed when music is playing. As soon as the music stops, the player who has the parcel gets to unwrap one layer. This continues until the mystery gift in the last layer is reached.

Pass the Parcel is Ideal for

Children of all ages

Game Tips for Pass the Parcel

Use newspaper to wrap the gift. It is cheap and it is usually lying around the house. For the gift, consider something that is suitable for all ages. Foaming hand soap, a pillow or something edible should do the trick!

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3. Guess How Many

Guess How Many Game birthday party game for both kids and adults Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Pinterest>

This guessing game works best when your party guests are arriving. While waiting for the party to officially begin, keep everyone busy with a game of guessing. At the end of the party, the one who guesses closest to the actual number wins a small gift.

Guess How Many Game Inforgraphic easy party game Singapore sg

Supplies for "Guess How Many"

  • Large clear container
  • Objects to place into the container
  • Small pieces of paper
  • Stationery
  • Container to place guesses
  • Gift for the winner

Setup for "Guess How Many"

Fill a clear jar with many small items. You can choose colourful candy, small trinkets, or items that match your party theme, such as

  • LEGO Party – Guess the number of LEGOs in the jar.
  • Pirate Party – Guess the number of chocolate coins in the jar.
  • Spiderman Party - Guess the number of blue and red M&Ms.

How to Play "Guess How Many"

Have your guests write down how many items they think are in the jar, along with their name, on a slip of paper. The one who guesses closest to the actual number wins a prize of your choosing.

"Guess How Many" is Ideal for

Ages 4 and above.

Game Tips for "Guess How Many"

The common objects to place into the jar include jelly beans, M&Ms, buttons, LEGO bricks, marbles and crayons. Take into account the counting ability of your young guests. Ideally, you can prepare three different jars and have three winners - one for kids under the age of five, one for kids over the age of five, and another for adults.

Start Your Own "Guess How Many" With


4. Bucket Toss

Bucket Toss birthday party game for both kids and adults Singapore sg<Photo Credit: CarnivalSavers.com>

Inspired by Bozo circus, this game tests your aim and throwing skills. All you need are some buckets and ping pong balls. One at a time, players will attempt to toss a ping-pong ball into a bucket. If you make the bucket, you receive the prize!

Bucket Toss Inforgraphic easy party game Singapore sg

Supplies for Bucket Toss

  • Buckets/pails - at least six
  • One item for throwing - ping pong ball, sponge ball or a throwing bean bag
  • Small prizes to match the buckets

Setup for Bucket Toss

Arrange the buckets in a line or any formation of your choice. The larger the buckets are, the easier the game will be. Assign a prize for each bucket and make sure each successive gift is more substantial than the last. 

How To Play Bucket Toss

Ask the first player to stand in front of the first bucket. Give that player a ping-pong ball and instruct her to throw the ball into the nearest bucket. If she succeeds, award her the prize and let her continue throwing to the next bucket until she misses.

Bucket Toss is Ideal For

Ages 3 and above.

Game Tips for Bucket Toss

Consider using buckets of different sizes. The farther the bucket, the smaller the brim. Instead of a straight line, you can make it more challenging by arranging the buckets in another formation of your choice, like the crazy caterpillar, shown above.

Start Your Own Bucket Toss With


5. Flip Those Cups

Flip Those Cups party game for both kids and adults Singapore sg

Everyone competes to see who is better at flipping cups.  You will have to flip the cups so they land upright.

Flip Those Cups Inforgraphic easy party game Singapore sg

Supplies for Flip Those Cups

  • Plastic cups
  • Table - preferably a rectangular one

Setup for Flip Those Cups

Arrange plastic cups so they overhang the table. You can decide on the number of players/cups as this will be restricted by the size of your table.

How To Play Flip Those Cups

Divide participants into two teams, with a good mix of adults and kids, of course. Then, each player will flip a cup. Once a player has successfully flipped their cup, the next player in line will flip theirs. This process continues until one team has successfully flipped all of their cups. 

Flip Those Cups is Ideal For

Ages 5 and above.

Game Tips for Flip Those Cups

If you have an equal number of adults on both sides, you can fill their cups with water (or any beverage of your choice). The adults will have to consume their liquids first before attempting to flip the cups. Avoid giving kids any drink as they may choke trying to chug down the liquid.

Start Your Own Flip The Cups With


6. Defying Gravity *BONUS

Defying Gravity with Balloons birthday party game for both kids and adults Singapore sg<Photo Credit: care.com>

This game is all about speed and agility. All one has to do is to prevent balloons from touching the ground during a stipulated time frame. It is not as easy as it looks!

Defying Gravity with Balloons Inforgraphic easy party game Singapore sg

Supplies for Defying Gravity

  • Balloons
  • Timer

Setup for Defying Gravity

Prepare at least a pair of balloons for each team. Have spare ones on standby in case the balloons got burst accidentally.

How to Play Defying Gravity

Using only one hand, players will have to keep two balloons from touching the ground for one minute. For an even more challenging game, increase the amount to three balloons per player. To ensure there is ample space for players to knock their balloons around, implement rounds with two or three players. The winner from each round will challenge one another until one ultimate winner is crowned.

Defying Gravity is Ideal for

Ages 3 and above.

Game Tips for Defying Gravity

To make it easier to differentiate balloons between players, you can prepare different coloured balloons. You can also extend the time from a minute to two. Be sure to have adequate space that is free from fragile items and tripping hazards.

Start Your Own Defying Gravity With


See, incorporating fun into your party is not that difficult, isn't it? The key is to prepare well in advance so that everyone can remain occupied and excited throughout the party. Give any of these games a go and let us know how it went! 😀

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