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5 Easy and Fun Party Games to Play on your Kids Birthday Party

Thinking of what activities to do for your child's birthday party? Here are some easy and fun birthday party games to play on your kid's birthday party!


1. Eat the Jelly

Kids birthday party games: Eat the Jelly

Age: 4+

You will need:

Make individual bowls of jelly with a small plastic animal in each bowl. The number of bowls needed depends on the number of children taking part in the game. 

How to Play:

Line the bowls along the ground. With their hands behind their backs, the kids have to get the animal out of the jelly using only their mouths. The first one to produce their animal is the winner.

Best to play this game towards the end of the birthday party!


It’s a good idea to place a tablecloth or other protective covering on the ground for easy clean up.

2. Musical Bumps

Kids birthday party games: Musical Bumps

Age: 3+

You will need:

A music player or similar (e.g. CD player) with dancing music or children's favorites songs. 
Some little prizes. 

How to play:

The children dance around in the centre of the room until the music stops. When the music stops, they must sit down on the floor as quickly as possible. The last one to sit down is eliminated. 


If you are playing with very young children, you may find it easier to eliminate the children by asking them to dance in a different area of the room, rather than expecting them to stop completely!

It would be better to award prizes to the last 2 or 3 children standing, rather than try to pick one winner.


3. Like a Dinosaur Game

Kids birthday party games: Like a Dinosaur Game

The Like a Dinosaur Game can be played with two or more children, and is suitable for large groups where you need to expend some of the children's energy! It is a particularly good classroom, group or birthday party game for young children.

Age: 2+

How to play:

Give the kids plenty of space, put on some interesting music if you like, and then ask them to move around in a certain manner.

You could ask them to:

Stomp like a dinosaur
Roar like a dinosaur
Growl like a dinosaur
Run like a dinosaur
Chatter like a dinosaur
Scratch the ground like a dinosaur
and so on.

You can get as rowdy or noisy as you like, and use up lots of energy in the process!

To calm the children down at the end of the game, why not ask them to "sleep like a dinosaur" and give them a moment of two to rest before you move on to something else.

4. What’s The Time Now, Mr Wolf

Kids birthday party games: What's The Time Now, Mr Wolf

"What's the time Mr. Wolf?" is a chasing game for a group of children that involves a bit of counting and talk of time of day. 

Age: 3+

How to play?

Let the kids decide who among them will be Mr. Wolf, and that child stands at one end with their back to the other children.

The other children stand at the opposite end and shout "What's the time Mr. Wolf?"

Mr. Wolf answers with different times - "one o'clock" or "eight o'clock" for instance.

The children take that number of steps toward Mr. Wolf - eight steps for eight o'clock, and so on.

The children ask again, "What's the time Mr. Wolf?" and take the right number of steps again, always getting closer to Mr. Wolf.

When Mr. Wolf feels like it, he (or she) answers "dinnertime" and starts chasing the other children.

The first to be caught becomes the next Mr. Wolf to play.

5. Simple Treasure Hunt

Kids birthday party games: Simple Treasure Hunt

This is perfect for very young children and, although it can be played indoors, is best in the outdoor (e.g. garden). It is an excellent game to play when the children are beginning to get restless towards the end of the birthday party, and will mean that the children find their own presents for a party bag.

Age: 3+


Collect a large number of little treasures suitable for hiding around the house or garden. You could use toy soldiers or animals - you can often pick up packets of these very cheaply at markets of dollar stores. Nicely wrapped sweets (candy) or lollipops are excellent. Toys from fast-food stores can be saved and recycled. Pieces of Lego or other small toy characters may be appropriate. You can also buy bulk packs of party gifts such as bracelets, pens etc. Use your imagination and start collecting early!

Hide the treasure carefully. Some should be very easy to see; some can be hidden more seriously and don’t forget to put some little things at eye level too. Any edible treasure should be easy to find so that it doesn’t linger in the garden. Older children love to help you hide the treasure.

Gather the children together, give each child a loot bag and an indication of what sort of treasure they may find, and tell them where to start hunting!


You may want to allocate an older child or adult to make sure that everyone finds an appropriate number of ‘treasures’.

Make sure you hide away any of your own family's legitimate garden toys before you set the kids loose. It can be hard to prize away something which one of your guests has "found" and regards it as part of their loot!


Have any birthday party games to share with other parents? Do share with us by commenting below. 


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