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5 Buffet Caterers In Singapore You Need To Know for 2019

5 Buffet Caterers In Singapore To Know For 2019


5 Buffet Caterers In Singapore You Need To Know for 2019

Whatever you may feel about hosting a birthday party, one thing is for certain - food is of the utmost importance and the easiest to strike off from your to-do list.

No, we are not talking about the grandeur birthday cake or its accompanying desserts. We meant real food. Solid food that provides guests with something more than a sugar rush.

Hiring a buffet caterer is simply party-hosting etiquette 101. The caterer prepares the food, sets them up nicely at your venue, leaves and then comes back quietly after the party to pack up the chafers. The best part? You stave off the hungry eyes on your cake before the cake-cutting ceremony.

Here are 5 buffet caterers in Singapore you need to know for your 2019 party-planning.

 Buffet catering Des Kitchen Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Des Kitchen>

1. Des Kitchen

Halal: Yes

Price as low as: $9.63, inclusive of GST, per person (7-course. Min. 35 people)

For quality food at a good value, why not consider Des Kitchen Ptd Ltd? This young and exciting set-up offers deliciously-cooked food that will certainly appeal to a wide range of discerning commercial and residential customers. Their team of experienced chefs have served in several notable events in the government and private sectors. Look forward to an unforgettable moment as you indulge in quality cuisines.

With a passion for fine catering, Des Kitchen delivers great catering experiences to your guest's satisfaction. There are different packages that suit your budget and needs. Besides a baby shower package, the caterer offers Asian, International, Malay, High-Tea and Mini buffet packages too.

Unbelievably great first-time experience. Staff were friendly and competent. Food did not disappoint!

- Penny, customer

Buffet catering eatz Catering Services Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Eatz Catering Services>

2. Eatz Catering Services

Halal: Yes

Price as low as: $8.35, inclusive of GST, per person (8-course. Min. 70 people)

Eatz Catering Services Pte Ltd started as a small humble eatery back in 2003. Eatz ventured into the catering business as many customers have requested for them to cater to their housewarming events. Since its transformation, the caterer has found clients in many MNCs, Government Statutory Boards, Government Offices and institutions.

With a penchant for preparing healthy food with the finest quality ingredients, Eatz Catering Services's cuisine options include local dishes, Peranakan spreads, Thai cuisine, western fare, fusion buffets and even Chinese vegetarian meals. Their Fusion Asian buffet remains a popular choice for many.

Quality of the food was excellent. The variety of dishes they offer is very different from other caterers.

- Jia Xuan, customer

 Buffet catering Mei Hao 99 Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Mei Hao 99 Catering>


3. Mei Hao 99 Catering

Halal: No

Price as low as: $9.62, inclusive of GST, per person (8-course. Min. 40 people)

Established in 1999, Mei Hao 99 Catering offers a wide range of food from Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Western styles. With the ambition to be amongst the leading food catering providers in Singapore, expect new innovative food product, superior food quality and excellent service from this long-established brand.

Mei Hao 99 Catering is known for their generous food portions. The home-style dishes arrived bigger than expected and you do not have to worry about guests not having enough to eat!

Food is warm and delicious. Generous portions too. Although I ordered for 40 people, the spread was enough for 50!

- Joey, customer

Buffet catering Gim Poh Restaurant Singapore sg<Photo Credit: Allysia Ling>

4. Gim Poh Restaurant

Halal: No

Price as low as: $13 per person (1 main dish + 6 side dishes. Min. 25 people)

With a wide selection of Asian and local delights for your choosing, Gim Poh Restaurant is a no-frills caterer not to be trifled with. With no social media presence, Gim Poh Restaurant relies mainly on word-of-mouth to stay afloat. This impressive food provider has catered to all kinds of events so rest assured that your party meals will be well taken care of.

Guests were really pleased with the taste and quality of the food. It was definitely comparable to the big brands in the market!

- Allysia, customer

Buffet catering On & On Diners Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: On and On Diners>

5. On and On Diners

Halal: Yes

Price as low as: $13.80, inclusive of GST, per person (10-course. Min. 40 people)

Established in 2009, On & On Diners combines authentic flavours with a selection of unique creations to appeal to a wide variety of customers. Their dishes are prepared with fresh produce, healthier oil and not laced with MSG. Besides their Oriental buffet sets, On & On Diners is also adept in Western and Vegetarian buffets too.

The portion served was generous and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the spread. The staff were efficient too.

- Carrie, customer

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