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10 Tips to Become a Top Seller on ClickSell

10 Tips to Become a Top Seller on ClickSell Buy or Sell your preloved or brand new party supplies easily in Singapore using ClickSell at KidiParty


While planning a birthday party, you realized there are a lot of things to prepare. However, not all are needed after the celebration. For those who want to get rid of your preloved party stuff and are new to ClickSell, good news for you!

You can sell your party items on ClickSell within 3 steps! Sign up an account, snap a picture of your party stuff and post it with all the necessary descriptions!

Now, before you get started, here are 10 tips on how you can make more sales on ClickSell!  

1. Attractive Photos

10 Tips to Become a Top Seller on ClickSell Buy or Sell your preloved or brand new party supplies easily in Singapore using ClickSell at KidiParty attractive photos used party decorations princess Rainbow Tutu Skirts10 Tips to Become a Top Seller on ClickSell Buy or Sell your preloved or brand new party supplies easily in Singapore using ClickSell at KidiParty attractive photos used party decorations 3D paper flowers

Take your photos against a white background to make your items really stand out. Avoid poor quality picture of your used / brand new item without editing the image. Humans are attracted to glitter so we MUST shower our photos with it too. Putting a simple filter to make your listing more presentable for all to surf through the listing pages. 

2. Detailed Product Description and Specification

Write a detailed product description and specification to include such as condition of the item, material, colour, print, size. For example, let's say you are selling a Disney Frozen Elsa Character Costume: 

  • Condition of item: Brand New / Preloved

  • Material: Top, sleeves and cape all made from a semi transparent fabric

  • Colour: Light Blue

  • Print: Satin bodice with glitter snow flake print, sequin trimmings, organza panel with silver printed necklace and a character art chest decal. The sleeves have a glitter print and are made of organza. The waist line has an attached silver ribbon with hologram sequins and a hanging jewel for detail. The satin skirt has glitter snowflake prints across it. Attached to the back is a removable organza cape with bold snowflake glitter print. 

  • Size: Small to fit height: 95 - 120cm, Medium to fit height 115 - 135cm

All buyers love clarity. This can avoid buyers to ask additional questions and you can seal your deals faster.


3. Response Quickly to Messages

Buyers message you when they are keen on your products. Communication is the key to lead a successful transaction. Thus, be polite and reply as soon as possible! Whenever there is any message, you will be able to receive an email notification. So, do check your email inbox! 


4. Set Prices Right

When potential buyers attempt to negotiate for lower prices, don’t consent to their offers immediately. Wait it out and see if anyone is willing to buy your item at the original price. If no one takes up the offer, it’s not too late to get in touch with the person who made the negotiation. Also, ensure your pricing is reasonable and cheaper than what is being offered in retail stores.


5. Factor in the Shipping Cost

You need to factor in the shipping cost to your pricing too. Not charging enough for postage will eat into your profits – however, asking too much will discourage buyers. To save the most on shipping, look for buyers in your area especially for “heavy items” such as photo booth station and backdrop – or look for buyers who are willing to bear the shipping cost or offer free shipping with multiple purchases.

You may ship the item via Registered mail at post office with a registration code and additional security against lost mail. This service costs an additional S$2.30 at the post office.

Allow the buyers to select the type of postage they prefer. This gives them greater control and may make the prices seem more acceptable to them. Always add tracking numbers so that your buyers can track the delivery’s progress in real time.



6. Products in Stock

Try to make all your products in stock. Percentage of potential buyers buying from another seller is higher if another seller has the item in stock whereas your item requires 1 to 3 weeks of waiting time. Some people do not mind in paying extra when they need the item urgently. Having product in stock also ensures the quality of the stocks.


7. Share Your Listings

Share your listings on Facebook and Twitter! Your friends are the most likely group of people to support you – both by following your account and also purchasing your items. After all, they should already trust you enough to shop from you, and it might just give your potential buyers that little push they need to meet up for a deal.


8. Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty goes a long way, especially when it comes to marketing your items. If the item has been used before, mention it. Also, do not over-value your items. It is important to make your products sound attractive, but if the facts are untrue, your buyers will lose confidence in you — and they may never come back.


9. Update your Listings Regularly

The best way to boost your sales is to update your sales listing regularly. This is a single most effective tactic. Try updating every weekend, sometimes even twice or thrice a week. The difference in sales is huge. 


10. Attract Buyers' Attention

If there is an interesting story behind the item, do share it. It could be the unique features, the extra functions, or the customisation. It will bound to attract more attention.


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